About Yogalena:

A yoga teacher course in India completed.

ABOUT ME: I am a yogi and seeker on the way to discover unconditional love and the nourishment of our body, mind and soul. I am a certified yoga teacher (RYS 200 in Kerala/India) and a fitness instructor (OM School Poland).  

Spoken languages: Polish, English, Italian.

Current location: Poland

ABOUT MY CLASSES: Meditation, breathing excercises and asanas is the basis of my yoga classes. I like to add pilates and fitness elements as I find them very important in everyday life. My classes are for everyone as I always give different modifications to make everyone comfortable on a mat.

ABOUT MY YOGIC EXPERIENCE: My yogic experience is based on various practices. On the beginning of my journey I was practising by myself incorporating my fitness knowledge. During  my workaway experience I practiced Lotus Yoga in Spain ( at Suryalila Yoga Retreat where I was practicing together with Vidyia Heisel in Lotus Frog style),  in Portugal (Omassin Yoga Retreat) and in Anahatha Yoga Center  in Denmark. In 2016 I started to lead yoga classes for people all around the world. One year later I went to India where I did a Yoga Teachers certification (RYS 200). I am very happy I can share and spread my yogic knowledge. And I have a hunger for more. That is why it is very important for me to develop my skills, deepen my knowledge and do my own spiritual work to provide good quality yoga classes for my students.


ABOUT MY PHILOSOPHY: I try to show people how to come out of their comfort zone, both: on the mat and off the mat. I want to encourage people to reach their potential and chase their dreams. Whilst I have been travelling around the world when I have  started to discover my true self.  From that point I have created my new life, this time based on my own conditions.  You can read my story on my blog: https://www.magdalenavagabonda.wordpress.com 

Yoga helps me to be grounded, balanced and flexibile in my every day life.

"Yoga is the space where flower blossoms" 

 Amit Ray